Best type of juices you should drink in the morning (recipes included)

The Best Juices Recipes I Drink In The Morning

I was one of those overweight people who bypassed breakfast. It became apparent I was not really listening to my body. It was yelling at me to give it some energy to get the day started. I made excuses that I don’t have time to cook so I just drank coffee. So, I discovered a great compromise of juicing and have not looked back. 

What Happens When I Drink A Morning Juice Before Eating Breakfast?

I found out that the juices are easier to absorb without the pulp. If I make and then drink the fresh juice about 45 minutes before eating, my digestive system is not as stressed as it would be having to digest the fiber from raw fruit and veggies or other foods. I do save the pulp fiber to use in other food recipes such as soups, muffins and quick types of bread.

I want to say that I can feel the effects within a short time after consuming the fresh juice. I notice that I am hydrated with a sense of fullness which begs the next question. 

Do I Replace My Breakfast With A Juice?

This was a question I asked myself and the answer I arrived at was – sometimes. I wanted to lose weight, but I also wanted to keep it off. Sometimes the juicing was enough for breakfast, sometimes I wanted more to eat within the hour. If I add a bowl of oatmeal or another cereal, sweetened with fresh fruit or berries, to finish my morning meal, I am getting the fiber I need. My hunger is satisfied for a while. 

True weight loss requires a lifestyle eating change that must be sustainable. Rigid routines do not work for most people. Making delicious homemade juices, eating healthy recipes I enjoy, feeling full and satisfied while getting my nutrients, makes this weight loss routine a pleasure. 

What’s The Best Juice To Drink In The Morning?

Morning juices, for me, are made up of mainly citrus fruits with a touch of greens such as spinach. Each fruit and vegetable has its own special contribution to healthy nutrients that will give the body a health boost. I like to start most of my days with a vitamin C cocktail. I do mix it up a bit depending on the day’s activities. Here are my personal mixes due to my needs for the day.

  • My Vitamin C Morning Mix is made up of lemon, orange, apple, spinach, ginger, and a touch of fresh mint.
  • Wake-up Call juice, in the mornings I need to be ready for action, is made with apples, carrots. lemon, and ginger.
  • Skin Mender is perfect when having skin issues or after a day outdoors in the sun using cucumber, green pepper, lettuce, lemon. and tomatoes.
  • Keeping It Cool is one of my summer morning favorites, even on vacation, by mixing together cantaloupe, cucumber, celery, with a touch of lemon.
  • Green Goodness, made with celery, cucumber, apple, and pear is my way of starting the morning of an outdoor activity day.
  • Sweet and Hot Zinger are great for cool mornings or after a night of partying consisting of juicing apples, carrot, lemon, and ginger.
  • Tune The Immune is a several time a month must for me using beet, strawberry, 
    blueberry juice to make sure my immune system gets good support.
  • Mean And Green is my flu and cold season go-to mixing cucumber, kale, celery, lemon, apple, adding ginger to taste.
  • Caribbean Kale is my once a month morning tonic combination to ward off disease and cancer with a combo of ripe banana, fresh pineapple, and kale.
  • Merry Mary Morning will find you ready for any kind of morning with this quick wake- up juice made of tomatoes, cucumber, celery, adding cilantro, jalapeno, and lemon to taste.
  • The Sparkling Refresher is more like a cocktail without cheating by adding spritzer to the combination of orange, apple, and ruby-red grapefruit. 

My Ultimate Green Juice

I was introduced to green juices as a way to detox the body. I will attest that they work well. When I was new to juicing, the green juices took a while to acquire a taste for them that did not resemble drinking liquid bitter grass pulled from the cow pasture. Kale and collard greens should be used sparingly in the beginning due to their strong taste. 

Spinach is sweeter as is celery, cucumber, and parsley. As a start into the juicing way of weight loss, I began by adding a little bit of green to my sweeter fruit and veggie combinations. I finally graduated to just adding carrot as a sweetener. I love a good detox juice in the mornings I have a free schedule to relax and allow my body to get the maximum benefit these powerful veggies have to offer. 

My favorite green combo is mixing kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, carrot, green apple, and green grapes. If I want a bit of a kick, I add ginger or cilantro. I can feel the detox working gently right after I finish drinking the juice. I also get a nice energy boost if I mix flax seed and almonds to the juicer with the other ingredients. 

3 Best Morning Juices I Drink That Keeps Me Healthy, Energized, and Productive.

I studied the benefits of different fruits and veggies to determine what blends I needed to maximize the benefits that would contribute to my lifestyle. I wanted some base juice combinations that I could add to when I wanted specific nutrition to my day. 

I use different types of fruit juices and carrot juice as I have a bit of a sweet tooth. These juices, in smaller amounts, pack a great nutritious start to the day. 

Watermelon Juice is mostly water, therefore, an excellent hydrate to get the day started. It offers antioxidants to strengthen against heart issues and cancer.

Pomegranate Juice supplies the body with vitamins E for the skin, C for the immune system as well as being an antioxidant powerhouse.

Blueberry Juice also has antioxidants as part of these berries nutrition gifts to our bodies. I want the benefits that keep memory sharp, ward off diabetes, and healthy blood pressure.

Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice is one of the foremost fruits to help with weight control. When I feel bloated in the summertime due to the humidity, this is one of my go-to solutions. Certain medications do not function well with grapefruit juice. Check this out with your doctor before using this fruit.

Cranberry Juice is what I drink for healthy kidney maintenance, cavity prevention, and urinary tract infections.

Orange Juice is great for a vitamin C boost to your immune system, lower blood pressure, and reduce heart disease.

Beet Juice acts as a liver detox having to use only a small amount occasionally. It can give an awesome energy lift to begin the day. 

Using combinations of these best morning juices, I create a base juice combination adding other fruits and veggies to make a juice tonic for the day. Here are 3 of my standard recipes. 

  1. My Weight Loss Booster is a combination of grapefruit juice, orange juice, romaine lettuce, with a touch of mint.

  2. The Hydrating Combo contains watermelon, pomegranate, blueberry, and pineapple juices.

  3. To Fortify The Immune System includes the juices of orange, beet, pineapple, and spinach.

All Said And Done

I can tell you juicing changed me and my life. I lost the weight I wanted to lose, it has stayed off, and I now enjoy my days in a whole new way.

I have the energy, not only to work but to play again. And I have never had so much fun doing it with fresh fruits and veggies. There is a side effect that crept up on me without me knowing it. I lost my taste for processed sugar.

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